Calm Sea




1. General directives and terms

1.1. “Broker” – tourist agency Calm sea d.o.o. with headquarters in Seget Donji, Don Vjekoslav Bilote 25, VAT number: 37807666275, HR-AB-21-060345240, mediates between the Guest and the Renter (on their behalf and on their account). Listed as “Agency” in the Accommodation Rental Agreement.

1.2. “Lessor” – a individual person or corporation who is the owner of the accommodation facility. Listed as “Owner” in the Accommodation Rental Agreement.

1.3. “Guest” – a individual person listed in the Rental Agreement as a “User” who is authorized to use the accommodation unit in compliance with all directives of the Rental Agreement.

1.4. “Unauthorized user” – any person who is not the User of the accommodation unit specified in the Lease Agreement.

1.5. “Accommodation unit” – the rental object of the Agreement, whoseinformation is specified in the Agreement.

2. Reservation of an accommodation unit

2.1. The accommodation unit can be reserved by e-mail or by phone.

2.2. All information about accommodation units is available on the Agency’s official website

3. The rental price of the accommodation unit

3.1. Prices for renting accommodation units are published on the Agency’s official website

3.2. Rental prices are listed for each accommodation unit separately and refer to daily rent.

3.3. The rental price includes:

– rent of accommodation unit with full inventory;

– bed linen and towels;

– weekly bed linen change;

– cutlery;

– utensils for preparing food;

– consumption of water, electricity and gas;

– use of air conditioning;

3.4. The rental price does not include:

– nutrition;

– User’s health insurance;

– everything else that is not specifically determined to be included in the rental price of the accommodation unit;

4. Terms of payment for the accommodation unit

4.1. The reservation of the accommodation unit is considered binding after the User, within 48 hours from the day of confirmation of the reservation, makes an advance payment of 30% of the total rental amount.

4.2. The User is obliged to pay the remaining amount to the Owner immediately after arriving at the accommodation unit.

5. User’s right to changes and cancellation of reservation

5.1. If the User, for any reason, abandons the service of renting an accommodation unit, they can, with prior agreement with the Agency, look for another person who will take over their rights and obligations. If it fails, the Agency returns the full amount of the advance payment for all reservations canceled 90 or more days before the agreed date of the User’s arrival, and keeps the full amount of the advance payment within 90 days until the start of the reservation.

5.2. In the case of cancellation of the reservation and return of the advance payment to the User, the Agency reserves the right to charge handling costs in the amount of EUR 100.

5.3. If the User, without prior notice, for any reason, does not come to the accommodation unit within 24 hours of the agreed arrival time, the Agency is authorized to immediately unilaterally terminate the Accommodation Rental Agreement, and the User has no legal right to a refund of the amount paid, nor the right to any other compensation.

5.4. If the User for objective reasons (death in the family, serious injury, war, etc.) abandons the service of renting an accommodation unit, the amount paid will not be returned to them, but the Agency will make the accommodation unit available to them in a free period or in the next season.

6. The Agency’s right to change and cancel the reservation

6.1. The agency reserves the right to change the reservation in case of extraordinary circumstances or force majeure.

6.2. The reserved accommodation can be replaced, with accommodation of the same or higher category, only with prior notification to the User.

6.3. If replacement accommodation is possible only in the facility at a price 15% higher than the price of the reserved accommodation, the Agency reserves the right to charge the difference in price in consultation with the User.

6.4. If the replacement of accommodation is not possible, the Agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation with prior notice to the User before starting to use the service and guarantees the refund of the advance payment.

7. Obligations of the User

7.1. The User is obliged to:

– possess valid travel documents and obtain a visa if he needs one to enter the Republic of Croatia;

– comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia;

– comply with the house rules in the accommodation unit and cooperate with the Owner in good faith;

– the User is obliged to report any damage caused to the accommodation unit to the Owner or the Agency immediately and to compensate it in full on the spot;

– when arriving at the accommodation unit, the Owner must present the accommodation confirmation;

7.2. The User will bear the responsibility and costs incurred due to failure to comply with obligations.

7.3. Users arrive at the accommodation unit after 2:00 p.m., and on the day of departure they leave the accommodation unit by 10:00 a.m., unless otherwise agreed.

7.4. The keys to the accommodation units are handed over in the building itself by the Owner or accompanied by a representative of the Agency.

8. Obligations of the Agency and the Owner of the accommodation unit

8.1. Obligations of the Agency:

– taking care of the implementation of the services as well as the selection of the accommodation unit;

– taking care of the rights and interests of the User, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia;

8.2. Obligations of the Owner:

– to provide quality service to Users protecting their interests and the interests of the Agency;

– indemnify the Agency without objection, if the Agency is exposed to damage due to the provision of inappropriate services by the Owner;

– check in and check out the User;

8.3. ATTENTION: The Agency and the Owner exclude any liability in case of changes or non-performance of services caused by force majeure.

9. Categorization of accommodation units

9.1. The accommodation units are described according to the official categorization, and the Owner is obliged to highlight the assigned category in a visible place.

9.2. The standards of accommodation, food and services of individual countries are different and cannot be compared.

9.3. Information that the User receives in the accommodation unit does not bind the Agency to a greater extent than the information published on the Agency’s official website.

10. Baggage

10.1. The agency is not responsible for luggage that is destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen in the accommodation unit. Lost luggage or theft is reported to the Accommodation Owner and the competent police station.

11. Complaints

11.1. Every User has the right to file a complaint if they are not satisfied with the condition of the accommodation unit and should inform the Agency immediately upon arrival, i.e. present the complaints immediately to the Owner.

11.2. The User is obliged to cooperate with the representative of the Agency and the Owner in good faith in order to eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction. If the complaint is justified and the Owner’s service is not satisfactory, the Agency will do everything to ensure that the User receives an acceptable solution that corresponds to the provided accommodation service.

11.3. Complaints received subsequently, as well as those submitted without attached documentation, will not be taken into account by the Agency.

12. Arbitration

12.1. The lessor’s court in Trogir is competent for all possible disputed cases that cannot be resolved peacefully.

13. Declaration on the protection and processing of the User’s personal data

13.1. The Agency respects the privacy of its Users and uses personal data exclusively for the purposes prescribed in this Declaration.

13.2. The Declaration on the protection and collection of personal data does not cover third-party websites that exchange links with this website ( and the Agency does not assume responsibility for them.

13.3. The User provides personal data voluntarily, they are required in the process of booking an accommodation unit, for communication with the User and in the case of special consent for informational and promotional activities of the Agency.

13.4. The user gives permission that their personal data can be submitted to the competent authorities in connection with committed violations.

13.5. By signing the Agreement, the User confirms that they are familiar with the Agency’s personal data protection measures and their rights as a respondent.

14. Final directives

4.1. The general terms and conditions of accommodation rental are an integral part of the GENERAL TERMS OF ACCOMMODATION RENTAL.