Calm Sea



Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in southern Europe. In 1979, the Renaissance-Baroque city of Dubrovnik was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dubrovnik had a huge impact on the development of the Croatian language and literature. Here they created many Croatian poets, playwrights, painters, mathematicians, physicists and other important personalities.

The biggest attraction is the high walls surrounding the old town. Walk through the walls of the long 1940 meters, provides a unique view of Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands. In the northern part of the walls is the tower Minčeta from the 15th century, the construction of which was attended by famous architect Juraj Dalmatinac.

The main street of the old town called Stradun. It is a favorite promenade for both locals and tourists of Dubrovnik. Here each day they meet many artists and craftsmen of old crafts.

In the period from 10 July to 25 August Dubrovnik hosts numerous music, theater and dance performances.

Above Dubrovnik rises a hill Srđ, which offers a unique view of the city and surrounding area.